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Central Oklahoma Healthy Start Initiative-(H4B)
A Service Site of Mary Mahoney Memorial Health Center


(H4B) promotes early entry into prenatal care, promotes education regarding available preventive health services for children from birth to 2 years of age, and works with the community toward the prevention of unintended pregnancy, especially among teens. Overall goal is to reduce infant death rates in targeted areas in Oklahoma County. The purpose of the program is to reduce or eliminate perinatal health disparities in Oklahoma County

Hours of Operation:

Mon., Wed., Thurs., and Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Tuesday, 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

The Goals of HSI:

  • Encourage early prenatal care
  • Decrease low birth weights
  • Decrease the percentage of preterm infants
  • Reduce the rate of infant mortality
  • Reduce the number of teen pregnancies

Eligibility Requirements

  • Gave birth less than 24 months
  • Child under the age of two
  • Attempting to become pregnant
  • Currently pregnant
  • Expecting father or father of a child under the age of two

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An Average Week In Oklahoma:

  • 957 babies are born
  • 150 babies are born to teen mothers (ages 15-19)
  • 129 babies are born to mothers who receive inadequate prenatal care
  • 71 babies are born low birth weight
  • 112 babies are born preterm 
  • 8 babies die before their first birthday

Oklahoma ranks 6th in the United States on infant mortality
The infant mortality rates for African Americans in our service area for every 1,000 live births, 16.8% of infants die

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  • Fetal: Unborn, before the 8th week of development
  • Neonatal: Immediate new born between 0-28 days
  • Infant: A child in its early age
  • Preterm: An infant born less than 37 weeks
  • Very Low Birth Weight: An infant born less than 3.3 pounds
  • Low Birth Rate: An infant 5.5 pounds or less at birth
  • Prenatal Mortality: Infant death rates before birth

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H4B Services

      • Outreach
      • Care Managers
      • Health Education
      • Transportation
      • Care Access Referral Line (CARL)
      • Central Oklahoma Perinatal Coalition (COPC)


      Identify people in need of perinatal and infant services and to refer them to community resources


    • Screen family for strengths and needs
    • Provide individualized service(s)
    • Assist families in planning goals and objectives
    • Link families to available community health care and social services


    • Inform and educate women, families, and communities on issues related to infant death, infant, child and perinatal health


    • Oklahoma City and Oklahoma County resource and referral line
    • Assist low income families
    • Assist teen parents and their children


    • A Group of nonprofit organizations working together to:
      • Improve access to health care
      • Reduce perinatal health disparities
      • Meet health and social service needs of women, infants, children and families

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You Can Make A Difference
by sharing this information with others
              • Parents
              • Grandparents
              • Aunts
              • Uncles
              • Friends
              • Siblings
              • Foster Parents
              • Organizations
              • Child Care
              • Health Care 
              • Businesses
              • Teachers
              • Clergy
              • Co-workers

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Where to Receive Additional Information

      • Central Oklahoma Healthy Start Program and
        Healthy Babies Begin Before Birth (H4B)
        (405) 427-3200
      • Oklahoma State Department of Health
        Maternal and Child Health Division
        (405) 271-4480
      • Care Access Referral Line (CARL)
        (405) 557-1100
      • National Healthy Start Association
        (410) 544-1600
      • March of Dimes of Oklahoma
        (405) 943-1025

Web Sites

You Make the Difference
Central Oklahoma Healthy Start Program

Healthy Babies Begin Before Birth (H4B)
3017 N. Martin Luther King Blvd.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73111
(405) 427-3200

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